Adopt Stellar Leadership Strategies with Leadership Coaching

3-Dimensional Leadership CoachingEffective leaders know the importance of consistently fine-tuning their skills. One of the most critical tools for leadership success is individual coaching, a process that helps leaders enhance skills, build presence, and increase leadership acumen.

Leadership coaching with the Welford Group offers individual sessions conducted on-site and scheduled for each leader's convenience. Our customized process means that coaching is personalized, focused and effective.

The Leadership Coaching Process includes:

  • Administration of personality and style assessments, such as Myers-Briggs, Communication Style and TK Conflict Mode instruments
  • Interviews with the individual's supervisor and peers
  • Identification of specific skill or leadership development needs
  • Creation of a development action plan with specific goals
  • Ongoing, one-on-one meetings with personal instruction and guidance
  • Follow-up as needed for continued success

Coaching supports the delivery of your organization's core business strategy.

Leadership CoachingThe research clearly supports the coaching -performance link. The American Management Association's 2008 survey of best coaching practices found that managers who receive coaching are more likely to say that their organizations are performing well in the areas of:

  • Revenue growth
  • Market share
  • Profitability
  • Customer satisfaction

Heightened productivity is another benefit attained through coaching.

  • A 2009 BlessingWhite survey on coaching practices found that nearly two-thirds of managers who receive coaching feel that it has had a significant positive impact on their performance and job satisfaction.

Coaching can also play an important role in preventing or resolving problems like:

  • High turnover
  • Sales slumps
  • Rising costs of doing business
  • Lack of innovation
  • Dismal employee engagement scores
  • Declining customer satisfaction

Pair Leadership Coaching with 3-Dimensional Feedback for added precision in the development process.

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