Ten Tips for Increasing Your Productivity

by terrywelford

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(In a recent post, I introduced the P4 Model for Growth & Prosperity™ – People, Productivity, Profits and Peace of Mind. In this post, I’m focusing on the second “P” – Productivity).

Have you ever had one of these days – it seems like you were busy all day yet you feel like you didn’t get anything accomplished? You have nothing concrete to show for your efforts at the end of the day? It’s frustrating. We all like to feel productive – that we got a little closer to our goals, completed some items on our to do list, or made a difference. But if we don’t employ strategies for maximizing our productivity, that productive feeling can be elusive.

ProductivityHere are ten tips for increasing your productivity so that you can accomplish more – and feel good about it.

1. Set priorities. Separate what you need to do into critical, important, nice if there is time leftover, and not central to what I’m trying to achieve. When faced with choices of multiple things to do, apply this rating scale and always choose the highest level.

 2. Schedule the most important activities for each day. This simply means picking a specific time to do them. Things that are scheduled are much more likely to happen.

 3. Allow time in your schedule for unexpected things like interruptions, problems and crises. Flexibility is the key to successful planning.

 4. However, be slow to alter your plan when the unexpected strikes. A thoughtful response is usually better than a quick reaction to events.

 5. Be prepared for a productive start tomorrow. Set things out tonight before you leave so they’ll be ready when you arrive tomorrow.

 6. Make a list of small jobs that only require a few minutes. When you have little gaps during the day, do one of the small jobs instead of wasting those few minutes.

 7. Identify your prime time. This is the time of day when you’re at your best and when you do your best work. Try to set this time aside for completing important projects, making decisions or doing creative work.

 8. Be an “early bird.” Start tasks and projects earlier and ask for things earlier.

 9. Don’t over-commit. Be realistic about what you can do in the time you have. “Just say no” when you’ve got something important to do.

 10. Clean up at the end of the day. This will help you stay organized and feel less overwhelmed.

Being productive has two simple – but significant – benefits: things get done, and that feels pretty good. Reason enough to start practicing one of more of the tips above to ramp up your own productivity.

 How about you? Are there other tips or strategies that you’ve found particularly useful for increasing your own productivity?

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