Grow Effective Leaders with 3-Dimensional Feedback

3-Dimensional FeedbackStudies show that organizations with effective leaders are more successful than those whose leadership is lacking. Ineffective leadership can have disastrous consequences, including high employee turnover rates, low morale and productivity, poor customer service, and loss of revenue.

The Welford Group's 3-Dimensional Feedback process is a development tool that helps a leader understand how he or she is perceived by others — supervisor, subordinates and peers. This 3-Dimensional view enables a leader to realize his or her particular strengths, weaknesses and development needs in order to maximize performance and effectiveness.

Through the 3-Dimensional Feedback Process, we will:

  • Systematically collect opinions about a leader's performance and skills from his or her peers, direct reports and supervisor (as well as self assessment),
  • Interpret, review and diplomatically explain the feedback to the individual, and
  • Create a development action plan to help the leader address his or her primary development needs.

What are the benefits and advantages of 3-Dimensional Feedback?

To the leader:

  • It can uncover hidden strengths and blind spots.
  • Feedback coming from multiple sources is more likely to be accepted.
  • It inspires leaders to take ownership of their own development.
  • Leaders gain self-awareness by learning how others perceive them.
  • It is a strong motivating force, enabling leaders to focus their development and implement lasting behavioral change.
  • It is a powerful driver of change for individuals and the organization.

To the organization:

3-Dimensional Feedback
  • It can reduce turnover and associated costs. An environment that encourages self-development leads to job satisfaction which minimizes turnover and the costs associated with replacing leaders.
  • It improves communication within the organization and encourages a more open culture where giving and receiving feedback is the norm.
  • It helps with training needs analysis and planning an effective management development strategy for the future.
  • Improved individual performance will result in improved overall organizational performance.

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